A PIC or CIC code is a 4-digit prefix that identifies a long distance carrier in North America or the Caribbean to a LEC. The LEC uses the code to properly route the call.


Many PIC and CIC codes can be manually dialed before placing a long distance call by dialing 101 followed by the PIC/CIC code. This forces your call to be carried by that PIC/CIC code's carrier instead of your normal long distance carrier.

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  PIC/CIC Company Name City State Country
0003Global Crossing North American Networks, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0014Gafachi Telecom - NY, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0044Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0052Global Crossing Bandwidth, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0058Global Crossing Local Services, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0066Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0068Grand Valley Internet Inc.Grand JunctionCOUSA
0077General Communication Inc.AnchorageAKUSA
0086Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0175General Computer Services Inc. dba BeCruising TelecomHialeahFLUSA
0202Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0211Global Crossing North American Networks, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0231Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0232Global Crossing Telemanagement, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0245Global Crossing North American Networks, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0260Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0295Glens Falls Long Distance Service-----USA
0316Gateway Communications Services, Inc.McLeanVAUSA
0322Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0400Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0416GS Texas Ventures, LLCFort WorthTXUSA
0426Global Center, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0444Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0500Global Crossing Telemanagement, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0511Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0515Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0516Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0539Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0563Global Crossing Advanced Card Services, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0569Global Crossing Bandwidth, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0633Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0705Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0831Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.RochesterNYUSA
0997Gas Company of New MexicoAlbuquerqueNMUSA
1282Guam Telecom, LLCBarrigadaGUUSA
1313Georgetown Telephone Company, Inc.GeorgetownMSUSA
3000Globalive Communications Corp.TorontoONCANADA
4216Glasford Telephone CompanyGlasfordILUSA
4228Georgia Business Net Telecommunications, LLCAugustaGAUSA
4483Globalive Communications Corp.TorontoONCANADA
4785Gardonville Cooperative Telephone AssociationBrandonMNUSA
5025GTC, Inc.JayOKUSA
5219Global Telecom For Business LLCChicagoILUSA
5222Global Teldata, Inc.Chicago, ILUSA
5249GTE of SouthwestRichardsonTXUSA
5288Great Lakes Comnet, Inc.East LansingMIUSA
5377Global Data Systems, Inc.LafayetteLAUSA
5398Globalive Communications Corp.TorontoONCANADA
5443Globalcom Inc.AkronOHUSA
5448GTE Telephone OperationsRichardsonTXUSA
5453Group Long Distance Inc.-----USA
5470Gateway Telecom, LLC dba StratusWaveWheelingWVUSA
5476Granite State Long DistanceWeareNHUSA
5479Glenwood Telecommunications, Inc. dba Glenwood Long DistanceBlue HillNEUSA
5493Grand River Comms., Inc. dba Grand River Long DistancePrincetonMOUSA
5588Global Rate Processing-----USA
5597Grantsburg Telcom, Inc.GrantsburgWIUSA
5619Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.Rush CenterKSUSA
5627Grande Communications Networks, Inc.San MarcosTXUSA
5687Guadalupe Valley Communications Systems, LPNew BraunfelsTXUSA
5736Green Hills Communications, Inc.BreckenridgeMOUSA
5791Grand River Comms., Inc. dba Grand River Long DistancePrincetonMOUSA
5816Guam Telephone AuthorityTamuningGUUSA
5846Grid 4 Communications, Inc.TroyMIUSA
5997Globalcom Inc.AkronOHUSA
6000Globalive Communications Corp.TorontoONCANADA
6104Geneseo Communications Services, Inc.GeneseoILUSA
6148GT Group Telecom Services Corp.LondonONCANADA
6217GCR Telecommunications, Inc.South BostonVAUSA
6319Great Plains Communications Long Distance, Inc.BlairNEUSA
6399Great Plains Communications Long Distance, Inc.BlairNEUSA
6416Gila Local Exchange Carrier, Inc.ChandlerAZUSA
6464GoldStar Communications, LLCNew KnoxvilleOHUSA
6472Grande Communications Networks, Inc.San MarcosTXUSA
6485Globe Telecommunications, Inc.West PointGAUSA
6503Geneseo Communications Services, Inc.GeneseoILUSA
6616Gosfield North Communications Co-operative LimitedCottamONCANADA
6617Gosfield North Communications Co-operative LimitedCottamONCANADA
6745Granite State TelephoneWeareNHUSA
6747Gridley Communications, Inc.GridleyILUSA
6811Geetingsville Telephone Co., Inc.FrankfortINUSA
6928Grafton Long Distance, Inc.GraftonILUSA
7500GTA Services, LLCTamuningGUUSA
7736Green Hills Communications, Inc.BreckenridgeMOUSA
8453Glenwood Telecommunications, Inc. dba Glenwood Long DistanceBlue HillNEUSA
8888Globalive Communications Corp.TorontoONCANADA